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*Requests are usually limited to under $300.

*No applicant over the age of 16 will be considered.

*The foundation shall not be obligated to award any grant by the filing of an application, and the criteria for the awarding of grants by the foundation shall be at the sole discretion of its board of directors.

*The applicant and grantee hereby releases and holds harmless the corporation and its directors, officers and agents from any and all liabilities in connection with the grant or processing of the grant.

*Angels for Kids does not send cash to individuals. The item is either purchased and delivered or paid directly to the provider.

*If Angels for Kids can help you, you will receive an e-mail or phone call to that effect.

*Angels for Kids reserves the right, if assistance is granted, to follow up at a later time to see that the assistance is being used in the proper manner.

*Every request for help is evaluated by a real person and will recieve a response.
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